i have a confession…..

…..i’ve been slacking heavily on blogging. obviously.
It has been almost 2 months since I posted. But I’ve been living life (mostly working out) and tried to start another blog that would allow me to express my freedom…(in font choices).
That didn’t go so well…..so now I’m back.
I found some TV gems (courtesy of Netflix) and have been perusing the joys and pains of Summer TV.
Some of my favorites are back though, (Pretty Little Liars of course) and the verdict is still out on some new shows (Deviant Maids, Mistresses, Graceland,) and my new fave Teen Wolf! Colton Haynes where have you been all my lifeeeeee?
After a emotional roller-coaster that is Game of Thrones, I’ve decided to no longer watch True Blood. It used to be a guilty pleasure, but after re-watching last season’s season finale, it just looked stupid to me. And not like a stupid/funny stupid. Just plain dumb. Even Alciede couldn’t stop me from jumping ship!
Farewell Bon Temps….maybe one day we’ll meet again.
***Next post will be mostly pics….of the past two months. Kylie and I have a summer bucket list, so most of my posts will be more real life oriented and less TV world oriented. Times are a changing!
movie of the week: Adventureland (2009)

movie of the week: Adventureland (2009)

Picture Credit: Just Jared I love finding new favorites on Netflix. Last night I discovered “Adventureland” starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Wiig. First of…with a cast like this, I was surprised to find this movie did … Continue reading